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Funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) under its Programme Grants for Applied Research Programme (Grant Reference RP-PG-1210-12012)

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ARCHIE Research Programme

Flu is a viral infection which usually causes mild symptoms like cough and fever. Children with underlying conditions who develop flu, are at greater ‘at risk’ of becoming unwell from further infections than otherwise healthy children. The ARCHIE Programme will investigate five aspects of the early use of antibiotics in 'at risk' children with flu.


We have GP surgeries and Hospital Emergency Departments and Observation Units around England participating in the ARCHIE Study.  Please find your local participating site using our map (opens in a new window).   

Which children are 'at risk'?

To find out which children are 'at risk' click here

Experiences of flu

Listen to doctors, parents and young people talking about their experiences of flu.  COMING SOON.

The ARCHIE study: will early antibiotics help?

Find out more about the ARCHIE study here

How might EARLY ANTIBIOTICS affect future USE?

We will follow up some ARCHIE study participants for up to a year to find out whether antibiotics would be effective at treating similar infections in future. 

How much could early antibiotics save parents and the NHS?

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Latest news and publications

Children born prematurely are at higher risk of flu-related complications

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