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The ARCHIE study will find out whether giving an antibiotic called co-amoxiclav to children aged 6 months to 12 years with a long term condition (‘at risk’) early on when they have flu or flu-like illness might:

  • Help prevent  them developing secondary bacterial infections
  • Help them get better more quickly
  • Affect how well antibiotics work against similar infections in future.

The ARCHIE study is organised by a team of researchers at the University of Oxford in collaboration with the Universities of Liverpool, Bristol and Southampton.

The Research Programme is being funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR Programme grant for Applied Research)

If you and your child decide to take part, you will need to fill in and sign a consent form. If your child wants to, he/she may also fill in a form to say he/she is willing to take part.

Your doctor or nurse will then:

  • Ask you some questions about your child’s flu-like illness
  • Take a nose swab and a throat swab from your child
  • Give you some study medication for your child
  • Give you a study diary to fill in

Most children will not have any side-effects from the antibiotic.  However, up to 1 in 10 might get minor side-effects such as a slight stomach or thrush. Unexpected serious allergic reactions can very rarely occur with symptoms such as lip swelling, throat tightness and difficulty breathing.  If this happens, please seek medical advice immediately, or go to hospital or call for an ambulance if your child is very unwell.

If you decide you no longer wish your child to take part in our study, please let your doctor or nurse know.  Alternatively, you can phone, write to or e-mail the study co-ordinator. You and your child can withdraw from the study at any time without giving a reason.

We have provided pre-paid envelopes for you to send your diaries back to the research team once you have completed them.

Yes, please keep filling these sections in at the end of each week.  Even when your child is feeling better, it might take a bit longer for life to get completely back to normal for you and your child.  Since everyone is different, we want to make things fair by asking all parents and guardians to fill in these sections at the end of each week, even if their child is already feeling better.

Yes, please fill in all these questionnaires if you can, for the same reasons as explained above.

No, this does not count as you being unable to attend work.  Please only count days when you were unable to attend work and did not make any alternative arrangements to make up for these days.