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DPhil Supervision

Louise Locock

BA, MPhil, PhD

Honorary Associate Professor from 1st October 2017

  • From 1st October Professor of Health Services Research, University of Aberdeen

I specialise in qualitative interview research into people's experiences of health and illness, having worked with the Health Experiences Research Group (HERG) from 2003-2017. Since October 2017 I am now Professor of Health Services Research at the University of Aberdeen, but retain links with Oxford.

During my first few years at HERG I worked on experiences of antenatal screening, pregnancy, screening for sickle cell and thalassaemia, and motor neurone disease. For the last few years I specialised in experiences of research participation, including clinical trials, biobanking and cohort studies, and most recently the experiences of patient and public involvement (PPI) in research, including perspectives of researchers as well as patients and members of the public, and young people's experiences of primary care. These studies have been disseminated on as well as through peer review publications.

Understanding what it is like to face serious health issues and what matters to people when they are ill is essential if we are to develop truly person-centred care. Making a difference with research is crucial and as Director of Applied Research with HERG this was a major focus of my work. I was principal investigator of a study funded by NIHR HS&DR examining how we can use the narratives we have collected to stimulate local service redesign, working in partnership with two NHS trusts and colleagues from King's College London. I then held an ESRC award to extend this work, using secondary analysis of further sets of narrative interviews. I am now completing another NIHR HS&DR study (US-PEx)with colleagues in the University, the Picker Institute and NHS England, to explore how we can support NHS frontline staff to use different kinds of patient experience data. I am coinvestigator on a further study (INQUIRE) led by Professor John Powell on how the NHS can use online patient feedback, and on two further studies: Professor Andrew Farmer's Summit-D programme on support for people with diabetes through mobile messaging, and Professor Rafael Perera's Programme Grant on Monitoring Long Term Conditions..

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