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Susan Mallett

D.Phil Oxon, B.A. Hons Oxon, Dip Stat Open

University Research Lecturership

  • Senior Departmental Statistician

My research is to design and analyse diagnostic and prognostic studies, including ongoing clinical trials and methodological work. 

I work closely with clinical teams to improve diagnostic pathways in the NHS, designing studies specifically to provide evidence to identify best methods, to inform NHS practice and future NICE guidelines.

My current research as a statistician is informed by 10 years experience as a laboratory based molecular immunologist and includes

  • Systematic reviews of diagnostic accuracy studies: methodology overview, CT colonography in colorectal cancer. 
  • Analysis of two trials on the diagnostic accuracy of computer aided detection in CT colonography for colorectal cancer. 
  • Design and analysis of the first studies in 3D medical imaging using eye tracking of radiologists reading 3D fly through images of colon.  These studies aim to understand the nature of diagnostic errors and techniques used by experts in search and image interpretation. 
  • Methodological work on measurements of diagnostic accuracy including the disadvantages of ROC AUC, longitudinal missing data methods and prognostic models. 
  • Statistician on four multi-centre trials funded by the NHS working on design and analysis: Improving the prediction of metastatic disease in primary colorectal cancer; Comprehensive staging of newly diagnosed lung and colorectal cancer - Prospective multicentre comparison of whole body Magnetic Resonance Imaging with standard diagnostic imaging pathways; The use of ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging in the assessment of Crohn’s disease; The early use of Antibiotics for at Risk CHildren with InfluEnza in primary care (the ARCHIE programme).

I co-authored a chapter to form part of The Cochrane Diagnostic Accuracy Handbook, I regularly review Cochrane protocols and other papers, and am on the Steering Committee for QUADAS2.  I am statistical co-ordinator and teach on the Evidence Based Health Care MSc, supervise MSc and DPhil students and teach pre-clinical medical students. 

Key publications

Recent publications