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Three photos of people from the department, from left to right: Emma Ogburn, Jienchi Dorward, and Chris Butler. All are smiling.

A sincere congratulations to the PANORAMIC team, Chris Butler, Emma Ogburn and Jienchi Dorward from the Nuffield Department of Primary Health Care who had their hard work and talent in clinical research recognised at the annual awards hosted by the Thames Valley Clinical Research Network. 

38 individuals and teams were selected for the shortlist from a pool of over 150 nominations; the most ever. The awards ceremony was held on Wednesday night at the Blavatnik School of Government, Oxford. 

Professor Chris Butler, Professor of Primary Care, won in the Outstanding CI category. Prof Butler is the Clinical Director of the University of Oxford Primary Care Clinical Trials Unit and co-Chief Investigator of the PRINCIPLE and PANORAMIC adaptive, platform, randomised, controlled trials of community treatments for COVID 19, that have recruited >38,000 participants and evaluated 9 medicines so far. 

The PANORAMIC trial team won Study of the Year. PANORAMIC has achieved several milestones this year, recruiting over 26,000 patients and implementing a new Trial arm, examining the effectiveness of Paxlovid in the community. 

Dr Emma Ogburn, Director of Operations was highly commended in the Outstanding Research Team Leader category. Dr Ogburn leads the strategic management of the Primary Care & Vaccine Collaborative Clinical Trials Unit (PCVC-CTU), working with key internal and external stakeholders to facilitate and improve clinical trials in the community setting, using novel methods where possible. She is also responsible for ensuring that trial processes and integrity are maintained whilst managing finances and resources. 

DPhil student Jienchi Dorward won in the ‘Research Rising Star’ category. Jienchi is passionate about COVID-19 research, and is a co-investigator and trial management group member for the PANORAMIC and PRINCIPLE trials, the UK national platform adaptive trials of antivirals and repurposed medications to treat COVID-19 in the community.

The nominations and awards received are a great reflection on the whole team, how hard we have all worked and how proud we all are to be part of trials of such international importance that will change the quality of life of patients. - Dr Emma Ogburn

Commenting on her fellow PANORAMIC team members, Emma added: “Chris is certainly an outstanding CI, with pure dedication to the cause. He is always rolling up his sleeves to get stuck into helping resolve the many challenges the COVID-19 trials have faced. Jienchi is an absolute star, working hard on his DPhil alongside having critical clinical input to PRINCIPLE and PANORAMIC and writing a huge number of publications, always with a smile on his face."

This is an incredible achievement, and we would like to extend our congratulations to all nominees and award winners for their commitment to and support of lifechanging research. A livestream of the event may be viewed here, and a list of all nominees and winners may be viewed here. 

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