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Sortition is built from three core system tools: Study Builder, Study Administration and Pack Management. Control remains firmly in the hands of the user regardless of their experience or location.

Study builder

The Study Builder is an online interface which allows a new study to be built and deployed in minutes. This enables multiple randomisation configurations to be deployed and tested, gaining valuable feedback and site training, before recruitment commences.

Study Administration

The Study Administration tool is used to manage studies after they have been deployed and once recruitment has commenced. Sites can be added as they are recruited into a study, users can be created and managed and even external randomisation events, e.g. an emergency randomisation, can be added retrospectively.

Pack Management

Sortition’s Pack Management tool controls medication packs used in blind studies. Capabilities include pack ordering, relocating and status updates,managing locations, associating locations with sites and restocking locations.



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Oxford University Innovation Ltd is a technology transfer company owned by the University of Oxford.

If you are interested in using Sortition® in your research we would like to hear from you.

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