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The purpose of this study is to understand the association between blood pressure and diseases such as heart attack and stroke. Accurate measurement of blood pressure is essential to ensure that patients at risk of disease receive the right treatment and care. Blood pressure measurements can be taken in the doctor’s clinic, at home by a patient or automatically over a period of 12-24 hours (ambulatory monitoring). Depending on the method of measurement, blood pressure level will vary.  We would like to better understand this variation by studying blood pressure readings taken in 1000 patients, in different settings and using different methods. We hope this information will permit more accurate blood pressure measurement in the future, improving the quality of patient care.


Participant information and consent forms can be downloaded here:

Participant information sheet

Participant consent form


The study will be run from May 2015 until December 2017. We will publish reports and lay summaries of our findings here on the website once the study has finished.