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Research groups

Emma Ogburn

BSc. (Hons) PhD

CTU Director of Operations

  • UKCRC Chair of the Trial Management Operational Group

I lead the strategic management of the Primary Care & Vaccine Collaborative Clinical Trials Unit (PCVC-CTU), working with key internal and external stakeholders to facilitate and improve clinical trials in the community setting, using novel methods where possible. I am responsible for ensuring that trial processes and integrity are maintained whilst managing finances and resources. I take an active role in senior project management for studies on our portfolio, ensuring trials meet all milestones to time and target.

I joined the PCVC-CTU as the Cardiovascular and Renal team leader, becoming the Director of Operations a few years ago.

I also serve as Chair on the UKCRC Trial Management Operational Group; Module Coordinator for the Clinical Trial Management module which is part of the Evidence Based Medicine Masters at the University of Oxford and am a Distance Learning Tutor. I am a member of the UK Trial Managers Network Trial and an active member of the TrialForge consortium, focused on trial methodology.

I started my career in 2001 undertaking my PhD in Infectious Disease before moving into industry working on the creation of rapid molecular diagnostic assays. I have since held positions of increasing responsibility at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, the University of Warwick CTU and the Cancer Research CTU in Birmingham. This has resulted in extensive experience of trials in a wide variety of disease areas in clinical research facilities, primary, secondary and tertiary care settings, and include Phase I to IV studies.