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DPhil Supervision

I am a Professor of Primary Care Research and a GP. My research interests include cardiovascular disease and its prevention, particularly the management of hypertension in primary care. I currently lead programmes of research around self-monitoring of blood pressure in both hypertension and pregnancy and welcome students wishing to base projects in these areas.

Richard McManus


Professor of Primary Care

  • General Practitioner
  • Dean of Welfare and Fellow, Green Templeton College

My research interests lie mainly in the prevention of cardiovascular disease with particular emphasis on blood pressure measurement and the management of hypertension in primary care.

I hold an NIHR Professorship and lead a programme of research around self-monitoring of blood pressure in hypertension and pregnancy. I lead the self-management theme of the NIHR Oxford CLAHRC.

I supervise PhD/DPhil students undertaking projects in hypertension and blood pressure monitoring in pregnancy.

I chair the Blood Pressure Monitoring Working Party of the British Hypertension Society. I am Guardian of the RCGP Cardiovascular Curriculum and provide expert advice to NICE (member of 2011 and 2018 Hypertension Guideline Committees), and the European Societies of Hypertension & Cardiology.