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what is the purpose of the trial?

The OPTiMISE trial aims to:

      •  Safely reduce the amount of blood pressure medication taken by older people using self-monitoring of blood pressure
      • To see if reducing the amount of medication taken by older people results in fewer falls or other harmful events and side-effects.

What does the trial involve?

The trial will require you to attend two or three visits at your normal GP practice.

At the initial Baseline visit, the GP will discuss the trial with you and if willing to take part, you will be asked to sign a consent form. You will then move to another room where a trained researcher will ask you questions relating to your medical history, record your blood pressure, weight and height and ask you to complete a series of questionnaires. You will be randomly allocated to either the usual care group or the medication withdrawal group.

If assigned to usual care, you will be asked to return in 12 weeks to attend a follow-up visit with the researcher. At this visit you will be asked to complete the same measurements and questionnaires as those during your first visit. 

If assigned to medication withdrawal, as well as the 12 week visit described above, you will be asked to attend an additional visit 4 weeks after your baseline visit. This will be a short appointment where a nurse or GP will record your blood pressure. If assigned to this group you will also be given the option of self-monitoring your blood pressure at home.

What Happens if I change my mind?

You are free to leave the trial at any time. Please notify your GP if you no longer wish to take part.

How do I get involved?

If you are interested in taking part and/or would like some more information please contact the trial team on the free phone number 0800 915 8543 or email

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